Tips for your First Race

  1. Reduce the distance you have to drive the day of the race. If you have to drive a long ways to get to the race location (more than 1 hr) and you can find a place to stay the night before the race closer to the start line. try to stay within minutes of the race start, not hours. This will help you relax more and stay loser before the race starts. This will also allow you to conserve energy for the race. Getting there the day before the race will also allow you to scout the course and insure you know the time it will take for you to complete the shuttle if needed along with the time it takes to get to the start line. Nothing like getting to the start line after the race has started and playing catch up or rushing to get your gear together and forgetting something at the vehicle which is at the finish line where you are not at. This will help keep you from tensing up and wasting valuable energy that could be used for the race. If you miss a place by a few minutes or hundreds of a second you will know what I mean and it will remove that question from your mind and put it to ease.
  2. Get to the race start location early (don't be in a rush the day of the race)